Trump Stimulus to Ignite HUGE Gold Rally in 2017 – Andy Hoffman (Video)

Trump Stimulus to Ignite HUGE Gold Rally in 2017 – Andy Hoffman Video

Our friend Andy is back to update our followers on the whole economic system; especially which the US is in dire straights. There is some optimism though with Trump as our President elect instead of Hillary. Metals have corrected but are looking as bullish as ever with the Federal Reserve caught between a rock and a hard place with only 1 month to go in the year they claimed would be rate hike after rate hike. Also Miles Franklin has a new safe deposit storage for gold, other precious metals & cash, be sure to listen for that at 13 minutes into this interview.

00:30 Metals Optimism with President Elect Trump
04:00 Fiat Currencies Crashing; End of Euro?
05:40 Washington Post Calls out Alt News as Russian Propaganda
10:00 Gold & Silver Supply & Demand Update, China Price Higher
13:00 Miles Franklin Safe Deposit Box (Segregated)
16:25 US Interest Rates, US Dollar Index Volatility
19:00 Get more, Order & Contact Miles Franklin & Andy

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