Traitor Burns the US flag on YouTube In Response To Trump Tweet (Video)

Traitor Burns the US flag on YouTube In Response To Trump Tweet Video

Randy Hilarski
Free speech is being threatened all over the globe. The difference is Trump is now saying it publicly, twitter is shutting down accounts and facebook is calling any news they don’t like Fake News. Thanks for standing up to it Jeff.

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John Nemo
Yeah, I kind of like Trump, but that statement is just ridiculous. I am willing to forgive him though if he limits mass migration, deregulates markets, loweres taxes, gets rid of obamacare, exposes the criminal elites in Washington and doesn´t start world war 3.

Jose Martinez
You guys are being trolled! Trump posted that Tweet to get people to talk about how Hillary proposed the same thing like 11 years ago. Trump is a genius!!!

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Jeff Berwick

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