Rising Civil Unrest in America is Highly Dangerous for the Future

Rising Civil Unrest in America is Highly Dangerous for the Future by Martin Armstrong

The American Revolution was inspired by one book entitled Common Sense by Thomas Paine. We even find British political tokens with the saying “END OF PAIN“, which was obviously a pun on his name. He was demonized by the British as the man who inspired the Revolution. According to this intense studies of the Continental Army at Valley Forge, the average age of George Washington’s soldiers in 1777 was between 20 and 25.

Paine-Common Sense

That was the average because the youth who joined were 16 to 18. The last verified surviving American veteran of the war was John Gray of Virginia who joined the Continental Army at the age of just 16 in 1780. George Washington himself wrote: that “to place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting upon a broken staff.” Of the New England militia, Washington wrote, “Their officers generally speaking are the most indifferent kind of people I ever saw.” Militia privates ignored commands issued by officers of the Regular Army, which disturbed Washington. The common age of a Continental soldier was quite young. One historian found that in nine New Jersey towns nearly 75% of boys who were just fifteen and sixteen. There are accounts of people such as artilleryman Jeremiah Levering who entered the service at twelve or thirteen, and hundreds more under the legal age of sixteen served in all services. Thousands more were under twenty. It was the youth who are inspired and do not appreciate the tragedy of war.

what-is-to-be-done-leninIf we look at the Russian Revolution, again we find a critical book that was at the root of the split entitled What is to be Done?  Lenin wrote this work while serving a sentence of exile. The book was first published in Germany during 1902, but it was outlawed for publication and distribution in Russia. Lenin argued from standpoint of the “proletariat”, who he regarded as workers or working-class people collectively,. was being driven spontaneously to revolutionary Socialism by capitalism itself, which he further contended had predisposed the workers to the acceptance of of Marxism. This class in Roman times this class of people were called the plebeians and they too revolted and installed tribunes who could charge any corrupt politician and could not be prosecuted themselves.

Lenin also took the position that the case for workers will not spontaneously become Marxists simply by fighting battles over wages with their employers. Lenin argued that Marxists needed to form a political party to publicize their ideas and persuade workers to become Marxists. Lenin then took a step further arguing that to understand politics you must understand all of society, not just workers and their economic struggles with their employers. Therefore, to move the workers to become political and to become Marxists, they needed to learn about all of society, not just their own small corner of within it.

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Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong was born in New Jersey the son of a lawyer and Lt. Col under General Patton in World War II. Martin was encouraged by his father to get involved in computers during the mid-1960s. He completed engineering both in hardware and software but after being offered positions by a government contractor RCA in Thule Greenland, Guam, or Vietnam, he decided to go back to gold business that he had first began working while in High School to earn money for a family trip to Europe in 1964 for the summer. He continued to work on weekends through high school finding the real world exciting for this was the beginning of the collapse of the gold standard. Silver was removed from the coinage in 1965 and by 1968 gold began trading in bullion form in London. The gold standard collapse entirely in the summer of 1971 and gold became legal to trade in America during 1975 in bullion form. Previously, the market for gold had always been in coin form as long as they were dated prior to 1948.