Rear Admiral Kirby CAUGHT in a Lie Again: Russia & Syria Are Slaughtering Civilians in Aleppo (Video)

Rear Admiral Kirby CAUGHT in a Lie Again: Russia & Syria Are Slaughtering Civilians in Aleppo Video

TDC Note – Spokesman for the State Dept Kirby should be tried for war crimes – guilty by association. The lies no longer work. The braindead still believe him, however, everyday more people are awakening to these lies supporting the CIA war crimes.


This a repeat of US funding Bin Laden and Al-Qaede in the 80s who they told us were democratic freedom fighters. They will do anything for political gain. No regard for human life.

santini deutch
This POS needs to stand for treason and be lynched high high high. What a disgrace to the American Uniform. This is why I do not trust one word these fucks say. no way moma

Obscure Shadow
This vile pos has the audacity to blame SAA & Russia for the slaughter being committed by the terrorists that HIS govt is responsible for creating, funding & supporting (still are) when SAA & Russia are the ones trying to STOP the slaughter??!!! I hope this pos chokes to death on his own disgusting lies ON CAMERA!!! Those who are sane & awake support you 100+% Russia/SAA!! Many blessings & safety to you for your persistent bravery & diligence as you continue to put an end to this senseless evil creation!!! You WILL PREVAIL!!!

mario kery
public officials who deceive the american people. thats way this conflict is caused by. lies perpetrated by hench men and women ,paid for , by the people to serve and protect. they are serving and protecting themselves ,whilst the greater population is paying for the destruction of nations and allowing indiscriminate slaughter of children. its disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves. the american people are not to blame. the russian people are not to blame and the syrian people are not to blame. these public servants are criminal.

Michael Bowen
what is different now than before is that it is harder for the msm and us government to lie and both of them have painted themselves into a corner to the point they won’t be able to wiggle their way out like they did in the past.

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