Post-Collapse Scavenging: Walking Dead Lessons (Video)

Post-Collapse Scavenging: Walking Dead Lessons Video

I plan on scavenging some of the solar panels I see out in various places (along highways and what-not. Not residential stuff however. I’ve also thought about removing the street signs in my area just to make it a little more difficult for “outsiders” to navigate through easily. There’s an old series on YT called “Apocalypse Man by Rudy Reyes” that has a few good tidbits of info. As always, great video to engage the brain. Thanks

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If a disaster does not directly kill everyone then there wont be much to scavenge from towns since everyone will be slowly starving. This is bad for the wilderness bordering towns which will soon be plundered for any dry wood fuel and anything that moves. Survivors might be tempted to lumber as fast as they can second year if they were cold the winter before. Survivors will compete for wilderness resources until people begin farming. They will still need to cut timber every spring and hope it drys by late fall. Firewood works best after 1½ to 2 years of drying.

Long after a society falls there is a second wave of scavenging, this is building resources like stone. This can be seen in many of the medieval buildings that have been preserved in Europe. People recycled the stones from the ruins left by the Romans. I can see people recycling bricks, stones and metals. Even rusted out cars will be smelted down to ingots that will be forged into all from building materials, farming tools and weapons. Every metal scrap can be reused at some stage and easier than mining raw minerals to be processed into ore and smelted down into metal ingots.

IRL Yes after a couple of winters sustainable and renewable energy and food is going to be make or break. I do wonder however what will become of the show. Walking Dead Season 12 Episode 2 “Rick and Daryl plant potatoes”. Season 12 Episode 10 “Rick and Daryl chase potato thieves on bicycles”. In the UK Post Apocalyptic series like Threads, Survivors and The Day of the Triffids fizzled out after the scavenging phase. 99.9% of the worlds population was gone and 99.9% of everyone’s time was taken up with farming.

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