New Cold War Extends Into Mainstream Media (Podcast)

New Cold War Extends Into Mainstream Media Podcast

The New Cold War took a dark and startling turn last week when the venerable Washington Post published a front page story that listed websites that are supposedly on the take from the Russians. This new McCarthyism was quickly noted here last week last week and it drew the attention of John and Steve during this week’s show.

And much of this program is devoted to the War Party’s management of news and information. Not only have the websites of several friends of TFMR been caught up in the slander and libel, the mainstream media is now actively adapting the nomenclature of its narrative in order to enflame the tensions. This is devious and diabolical stuff and you MUST become aware of these steps being taken in their efforts to deceive and “manage” you.

This is another terrific, informative and timely podcast and we all owe Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen an immense debt of gratitude for their ongoing efforts.


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