Keiser Report: Attractive Debts (Video)

Keiser Report: Attractive Debts Video

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy go on the road, in a golf cart, to talk models – macroeconomic models and how changing the model can magically make debt appear more attractive. They look at failed models like health care and the economics of ‘draining the swamp.’

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Zaku II Zaki
Hey Mermaid is back! Hello Mermaid!^^ Great quotes today, “Ferraris are overrated.” “Rules dont matter in Trump’s America.” “Our model of production is guerilla style” “Drill baby drill” Max talking french. Stacy wild dancing. Max and Stacy, driving a golf cart, trying to find alligators, discussing economics, yup this episode is loose and breezy^^ Max Kaiser – Alligator Hunter! Max n Stacy are on game these days. Nice introduction on Behaviourism Economics and multi faceted muti agent modeling for economists going forward. The thing is in America, privatization is held is as the apex of capitalism. But it is the privatization of basic public services – education, healthcare, and probably with Trump, the privatization-monetization of public infrastructure, is what is sucking the financial resources of the average american people and creating these obscene oligopolies and 1% elite. Maybe Max is right and America needs to go bankrupt in order to rewrite the social contract. Also special kudos to the CameraMan! CameraMan you rock!^^

Jason Williams2
“The psychic equity conversion of our thoughts into the global
unconscious”, and “monetizing our own collective unconscious”. You got me laughing hard with this rant Max. Sometimes you make such a perfect cocktail of dark humor, sarcasm, and economic analysis that makes something as dry as Economics or as annoying as Politics sound interesting and exciting.

Darryl Landry
Our economic models are mannequins – a lifeless approximation of a living, breathing thing. Models are always built with data from the past. The Financial Politburo can’t just hop in and drive an economy like a bus. 300 plus million peoples lives are the economy.

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