John Embry & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)

John Embry & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)


  • John Embry, Senior Strategist of Sprott Asset Management comments on the purported 8,000 tons of paper gold dropped on the market.
  • 8,000 metric tons (2204 lbs.), 17.6 million lbs., 282 million ounces, were unleashed on the PMs sector, equivalent to a Tsunami of selling pressure. 
  • The institutions and big players are clearing their short positions in anticipation of an explosive move to the upside by gold / silver. 
  • New economic policies to revamp the domestic infrastructure could balloon the already bloated US national debt / deficits resulting in runaway prices. 
  • India may be the trial-run for a global cashless society, a petri dish their new Treasury secretary is a former Wall Street insider. 
  • Citizens are advised to push for a dual cash / digital system, as 100% transparency also eliminates freedom. 
  • Given the 46 years since the gold window was shut, salvaging the domestic / global economy may be beyond the means of policymakers.

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