Home Invasion And What To Do…

Home Invasion And What To Do…

Home invasion happens. While there are geographical areas more prone to home invasion than others due to socioeconomic and other circumstances, no household is immune.

Home invasion could indeed happen anywhere. And you can be guaranteed that as we descend down further into the depths of economic turmoil, home invasion will become more wide spread as those who are desperate and those who make up the criminal element of society will assert themselves into your space – looking to ‘take what you got’…

We all know the sounds of our own house. The clicks, the creaks, the subtle noises, the appliances, – they all make their sounds under conditions that you have become accustomed to. Your subconscious hears these sounds while your brain goes through a series of ‘checks’ to determine that they’re ‘normal’. You tune it out, so to speak.

HOWEVER, it is remarkable (and a very good thing!) that when there’s something out of the ordinary, your subconscious alerts you that something’s not quite right. Even when you’re sleeping, your ears are still working. If there’s a ‘bump in the night’, your brain may awaken you from your dreaming because that sound did not pass the check list…

So, what do you do?

Before A Home Invsion

‘Tool’ Of Self Defense

First, preemptively, you should have in your house a tool of self defense, commonly known as a gun. Remember this: The police may be only minutes away but seconds count. Additionally, depending on where you live, police may be much more than minutes away! And under ‘collapse’ conditions, they may not be available at all…

The Location Of Your Gun Within The Home

Second, your tool of self defense should be kept in a place where you are in your home ‘most of the time’. Ideally, you would be ‘carrying’, however I realize that most do not – especially at home. So, the next ideal is to keep one ‘tool’ in a place where you are ‘most of the time’ and keep another where you sleep.

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How To Store Your Gun

Depending on your family situation (kids in the house, just you, etc..) and depending on your own State laws, the way you keep/store your gun or guns may vary. That said, one recommendation is to keep a handgun in a easy-to-access lock box (one in your most common area and another by your bed).

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