Govt Forces Are Close to Full Liberation of Aleppo City (Video)

Govt Forces Are Close to Full Liberation of Aleppo City Video

James Tacardi
Sultan Erdogan calling Assad a tyrant lmao! Hypocrisy is not a strong enough word. Those Turkish soldiers probably sharing war stories with their ISIS friends.

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al x
Excellent news. The advances of the Syrian army are so great, they caught me off guard. It seemed like Aleppograd wasn’t going to be liberated until march or april nnext year. It might just happen before the year ends. Erdogan’s statement was a show of desperation to protect his isis friends inside Aleppograd. Victory is so close!!

Life and Lemons
Let me guess, ISIS will probably release a video beheading the 2 Turkish soldiers and as a result Turkey will start a sentimental mourning media theatrical to justify to the international community that the only way to move forward is to go into Raqqa and settle the score with ISIS, right? Poor 2 pawns… because it’s common to have a 2-man checkpoint… or did they want to go to ISIS to borrow some cigarettes?

For what it’s worth, i simply can’t understand why this proxy war is so heated. What is it that makes them want Assad out before destroying extremists who may take power later? Why not just team up with Assad, secure his country, and then later when the dust settles, then everyone gathers at the UN international court and finds out what war crimes were committed, and if Assad is guilty then he can be removed by a majority ruling? But instead, we have this cluster fuck where Turkey seems to be so hell bent on preventing any progress? The US and Russia came so close to working together but instead, a rouge attack that destroyed Humanitarian convoy’s and 60+ Syrian troops eliminated that tangible deal. We were so close, so fucking close, but Turkey and black ops are making everything impossible. But these fools think that a direct confrontation between major powers leading to a possible regional conflict, then escalating to a nuclear one is really worth removing Assad first? This is the logic that has Libya still in shambles. They keep head hunting without having a proper plan of stability? It’s no wonder the world is starting to not like the West anymore. Such recklessness, for reasons the common citizen can’t even fathom aside from what the media tells them

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