Dave Kranzler: Indian Gold, Cashless Society (Video)

Dave Kranzler: Indian Gold, Cashless Society (Video)

Former CIA Director George Bush Sr spoke about the “New World Order” publicly more than 200 times while he was President of the United States. As a child I didn’t know what the “New World Order’ was. As an adult I now understand that Bush’s dream of a New World Order will bring us endless abominations: Digital money which they control, pedophilia, beastiality – and ten other perversions that Satanists at the US Department of “justice” plan to make legal. What’s becoming clear is this: PizzaGate IS The New World Order. A world in which “the “rule of law” applies only to the people, not the elite.

Dave Kranzler from InvestmentResearchDynamics.com joins me to discuss this & more.

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What do the elites think about Donald Trump’s recent election and #PizzaGate?
I have some observations and insights that help to answer these questions that I have taken from the 2017 Economist Magazine cover. I haven’t analyzed all of the cards yet but I have made some progress on three cards so far. There are 8 cards numbered 1 thru 8 from left to right, top to bottom. I believe this card set has been cast for the elites future.

#1. The Tower: The tower represents the Anglo-American establishment, including Europe, which is in the process of falling. The flags of the two groups of peoples represent the core ideologies of the two major competing political parties, in the USA, the Democrats on the left and the Republicans on the right. The cross above the Tower door symbolizes the supposed origins of authority exercised by the establishment, the Judaeo-Christian God. The document nailed to the Tower door represents the demands of the people upon the establishment, similar in historical importance to the 95 Theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the Catholic Church in 1517.

#2. Judgment: Here we see Trump sitting in a position of authority as King of the entire planet with the American flag his throne. In Trump’s left hand we see the eagle capped scepter of power that symbolizes Trump’s authority to wage war upon the world. In Trump’s right hand we see “The Orb”, a representation of the globe (Earth), as if to say that the elites have seceded Trump the authority to rule over the entire planet. The three tasseled ornament atop The Orb symbolizes the position from which Trump is given the authority to rule, that of “The Fool”, another card in the Tarot deck. This is an extremely significant acknowledgement by the elites because “The Fool” is a uniquely privileged position in the King’s Court (the inner circle of elites that rule the planet), because The Fool is given the right and authority to mock, deride and criticize the king of the world (Satan) with impunity. It is as if the elites are acknowledging that they are now obligated to yield to Trump’s authority to rule and to some degree to protect him from harm while in that position.

#8. The Star: Depicted in this last card we see the black and white images of 14 children approaching adulthood, 4 boys and 10 girls. The images of these children each reside in the center circle of 8 pointed stars. Notice that the centers of these stars are 14 circles, not 14 octagons. In other words, the main geometric structure of these stars are circles. Now imagine that the original position of these eight points had been pointing to the center of the circle but were recently folded outward to reveal the images of the children underneath. This would mean that the original closed position of these star points laying on top of the circles represent pizzas. These images represent the child victims of #PizzaGate with the points of the stars representing the light of understanding that will soon shine upon these children. The comet symbolizes that the children of #PizzaGate will be the harbingers of great change across the planet.

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