Counterfeiters Arrested for Counterfeiting Counterfeit Notes

Counterfeiters Arrested for Counterfeiting Counterfeit Notes

The only thing about these “counterfeit notes” is they are counterfeits of a counterfeit! The Federal Reserve note, U.S. “dollar” is a fraud. It is 100% unConstitutional from the day it was born. The Constitution is very clear about what money and currency are in this country and who has the power to mint the currency. Needless to say, the Federal Reserve is not listed. The criminals, at the time of the passing of Federal Reserve Act, were blindsided by Wilson’s signing of the Act while most of Congress was out of office for Christmas break. The Act was signed on December 23, 1913, basically, in shadows and out away from prying eyes.

Today we learned the Federal Reserve has busted the largest amount “counterfeit” currency, ever. I guess they overlooked the trillions upon trillions of original counterfeit notes generated by themselves.

According to Coinworld

Called Oper­ation Sunset, it was the cul­mination of a global investigation involving six Peruvian-based criminal organizations. On Nov. 15, 2016, the Peruvian government, along with U.S. Secret Service agents, executed 54 pre-dawn search and arrest warrants in Lima. More than 1,500 Peruvian National Police officers were involved in the operation, and 48 people were arrested in all.

The Secret Service said that $30 million in counterfeit Federal Reserve notes and €50,000 in euro notes were discovered, six counterfeit plants were suppressed, eight counterfeit manufacturing presses seized, and over 1,600 printing plates and negatives of varying denominations were found.

“The Peruvian government has become a valuable partner in our efforts to combat counterfeit currency,” said Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy.

“Protecting the nation’s financial infrastructure is a vital component of our integrated mission of protection and investigations,” he said.

If “protecting the nation’s financial infrastructure” were truly the motivation for conducting this operation or any other operation against “counterfeit currency” they would turn their attention to the Federal Reserve “Bank” located in New York, along with the other 11 Federal Reserve locations around the U.S. With these counterfeit operations having websites, openly listed Officers, Associates and other employees it seems like the Secret Service have to do little research, other than read the Constitution of the United States, you know, the Constitution they have sworn to uphold and protect from enemies both foreign and domestic. Can you domestic terrorist? Sure you can.


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