CBS News Reporter Wants Trump Dead (Video)

CBS News Reporter Wants Trump Dead Video

CBS News reporter David Leavitt hopes Donald Trump dies before he is sworn in as president in January. He is a writer for CBS Boston and Yahoo News, and when the hashtag #CalmMeDownIn3Words was trending on Twitter, Leavitt tweeted a disturbing message about the President Elect.

TDC Note – Where is the mainstream media outrage regarding all these threats – you know, federal felony hate crimes – being spewed all over FB and Twitter? Why hasn’t the Secret Service, FBI and all the other “homeland security” agencies been rounding up these people? What about the federal felony hate crimes perpetrated by the “protesters” – snowflakes – out in the open on videos all across the country?

Funny how Ted Nugent never threaten Obama’s life, yet Secret Service agents showed up to question him putting the media in a frenzy. However the super retarded liberals make death threats like the little terrorists they are and the media protects them. Boycott the MSM altogether and put them out of business. MSM are the real ‘fake’ news.

Paul Schrader is a racist not that I give a s**t that some liberal c**k hates whites…whats new about that?
However, his words are criminal threats, someone from the secret service should pay him a visit.


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