Carrier Corp Makes Deal With Trump to Keep Jobs in US (Video)

Carrier Corp Makes Deal With Trump to Keep Jobs in US Video

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Carrier Corp Makes Deal With Trump to Keep Jobs in US

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Trump.

Carrier Corp., the air conditioning company that was called out by Donald Trump when a video surfaced of a company manager telling employees that they would be losing their jobs because the plant would be moving to Mexico, made a huge announcement this evening.

Carrier has been in communication with Trump since his election win. Management now says that Carrier has changed its plans and will keep nearly 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

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Trump and VP-elect Mike Pence will travel to Indiana on Thursday to unveil the agreement with Company officials. Though the details are unclear at this time the company tweeted that it:

“… was pleased to have reached a deal.”

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good evening.

Jay B
I take this with a healthy dose of skepticism. We don’t know the details. It makes a good headline.

Trump brought back Ford, Apple, and now Carrier! Fucking madman! Already ahead of schedule!

Dr N.Gin He is not President yet until January 20th 2017. Yes it great news for those employees coming up to Christmas. He already working and he has not been paid his $1 as he is not officially in legal employment yet to the American people.


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