‘Busted!’ Blogger issues joke statement after being ‘outed’ by US MSM as ‘Russian agent’ (Video)

‘Busted!’ Blogger issues joke statement after being ‘outed’ by US MSM as ‘Russian agent’ Video

‘Dear President Putin’ – Blogger Paul Craig Roberts had a bit of a joke to answer all those that ‘outed’ him as a ‘Russian agent’

Anon Mous
Mainstream cant be called liars if they label everyone who is not them as liars. Pretty simple really. It’s not going to work though they lost all credibility.
Message to maisntream media: You’re only digging that fagala hole deeper and deeper. Hello down there, hello in Fagala hole.

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Misty AngelTears
Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars (a professor at Merrimaack College in Massachusetts) STARTED the list!!! It went viral, and the U.S., along with other world leaders, have taken it as the gospel so that they can TRY and discredit the TRUTHS that have been coming out, reveling the corrupted governments!!
It won’t work!!!
They can try and silence, and try and take away our right to free speech, but WE ARE NOT SHEEP… WE ARE NOT IGNORANT!!!

The Accumulator
Doc Roberts lives near by and HE IS 1000% American and has more CREDIBILITY in his WORD that the last Five Presidential administrations combined. US Main Stain Media invented “FAKE NEWS”and by the way Conspiracy Theories are FACTS of our history. US has MANY “Traitors from within”.

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