BREAKING – President Putin To Grant PCR Russian Passport

BREAKING – President Putin To Grant PCR Russian Passport

TDC Note – The mainstream media needs to learn to shut up. Every time they open their mouths and fling their propaganda, lies and deceit all over the place they actually push another 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 off of the channel onto the internet where the real news lives. Mainstream media, please shut up or begin reporting the truth. You will go the way of print news if you continue the nonsense.


President Putin To Grant PCR Russian Passport

Putin is keeping my ridicule of the Washington Post alive, but apparently the Kremlim is prepared to issue me a passport. As the current vice chairman of the Federal Reserve is an Israeli citizen and the former chairman of the Israeli central bank, I suppose I can have a second passport. Will have to look into this.

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