BEWARE Of Today’s Stock Market “Rally,” Here’s Why (Video)

BEWARE Of Today’s Stock Market “Rally,” Here’s Why Video

Enoch Sosh
Hey analystrader, you are correct, but only short-term. The DJ spiking like this and the $ going parabolic was predicted like 2 years ago. You’re so behind the curve. Just like most Americans and WS traders, you can’t look past the curve. This will reverse, and when it does it’s going to be massive. When the Fed’s bluff is eventually called (and it may take a few years), countries (mainly the Eastern bloc nations), will be fleeing the $ like the black plague. Rates are already rising and home sales and mortgage apps are plunging. Just remember what Bernanke said, rates WILL NEVER NORMALIZE AGAIN. This means inflation in our future. America will be the last domino to go. This will usher in the “reset” or whatever you want to call it.

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Trader of Futures
I think your analysis is quite possible, however I think your alternative is a little more likely…And this is because the yield curve continues to steepen, indicating that the bond market is forecasting more market upside. This could be a false tell, but my thinking is that we are looking at another leg up in the market, perhaps a little faster on the big cap side. This will probably burn out by early next year, and there will be a correction IMO.

this is anything but a rally. it’s a simulations…opec. n just cut their ballz off. oil is in a flat lin. 52.22 42.20. be higher nest year. gold will bottom around end of year. like usual after its been going down since around the advertisements for the show Gold Rush. gold had fallen every year starting right around when show starts to advertisements for new season. a F in joke

Greg Mannarino is wrong again. The DJIA is working its way up now to 20,000 and the strength of the U.S. Dollar is enormous and is swallowing up all the other currencies worldwide. All countries except the USA are experiencing runaway inflation now which will lead to them exchanging their currency for more U.S.A. dollars.

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