Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons? (Video)

Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons? Video

Pretty sure the US would be the first to fire their nukes.
Just wait, some day some unknown Russian blogger is gonna write something about Trump’s hands.

The Grim Reader
no one is gonna use nuclear weapons. thats dumb. using a nuclear weapon on another country that has them is basically the same as using your own to bomb your own country. it’s fun to threaten with and talk about it but no one is actually dumb enough to use them. maybe ISIS would since they wonna die any way lol

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Corazon D
North Korea will likely be the first to use Nuclear weapons out of fear. Kim Jong un, like most other leaders who have complete control over their country, won’t want to be the person who lost power. So he will use nukes if he feels like his power is under threat. And in my opinion, the US is the country most likely to give him reason to feel as if he might lose power.

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