Syrian Army advances as jihadists mass retreat from east Aleppo (Video)

Syrian Army advances as jihadists mass retreat from east Aleppo Video

Neocons, CIA and the “deep state” in the U.S.. NATO in Europe. Who else is being aggressive in our world towards other nations? Who else is continually poking Russia and China to provoke a war? What actions have Russia or China demonstrated that makes a thinking person say “Why are they being aggressive?” Not one time is this the case. The U.S. has a military budget that is more than double the rest of the world combined! Who is the real aggressor?

Are these jihadist ISIS? If so, that means they are CIA mercenaries, the same as Academi X. This proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, Syria and Iran is a no win situation for the U.S./NATO. Turkey has all but turned against the U.S./NATO and is siding with Russia. It seems most of the countries in this region are siding with Russia. Why? Why would these countries, that are being effected by this war all be turning away from the U.S./NATO? What do they know that would cause this to happen? What is being kept from the American people regarding this situation? Aside from the handful of people that follow the real news, do the American people even know we are engaged in war in Syria?

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