Suspicious! Equipment Staged Ahead of Huge Blaze Intense Footage Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Suspicious! Equipment Staged Ahead of Huge Blaze Intense Footage Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Apocalyptic: Intense Footage of People Escaping Huge Blaze In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Tennessee is burning and the mainstream media doesn’t care – according to many social media users. Footage of the fires near Gatlinburg shows the full extent of the blaze.

this is getting more and more horrible Thunderstorms that cause 8500 people to be hospitalized, burning up all the forest,earthquakes world wide flooding,and sinkholes opening everywhere, plz store food and water and medical supplies and lanterns and batteries if you can’t see what’s coming our why I don’t no what else to say, Fema will not help you

Kelly Sutton
it seems like they are trying to destroy anything natural Everytime you turn around they are cutting down trees and building houses and apartments

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Suspicious! Equipment Staged Ahead of Huge Blaze

Firefighters are desperately battling the fire which covers an area of the Great Smoky Mountains located beside the town of Gatlinburg, popular with tourists due to its close proximity to Dollywood theme park.

Missi R
It is strange that those trucks were in place, if they were. I haven’t seen any. I know that the fires around here on lookout mountain tn and signal mountain tn were started by arsonists rolling old tires filled with diesel down the side of the mountain. I’m just wondering if there aren’t copy cats out there a little further up the road from me starting fires in gatlinberg. I know for days around here we couldn’t even go outside for any length of time because the air quality was just awful!

old man of the mtn
i live in east tn near gatlinburg and sevier county. they sent 5 counties of firefighters last night to help. they have helped people get out and people are volunteering to help and get peoples livestock out of danger. have not heard of anybody being persued for arson but you cant see nothing but smoke in all east tn. from kingsport to chattanooga. bad thing for this time of year.

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