What Is The REAL PRICE Of Gold & Silver? (Video)

What Is The REAL PRICE Of Gold & Silver? Video

Major Banks ARE RIGGING Gold & Silver Prices

Fair Value, new currency coming 2017/2018
Frederick Trump (Grampy) was a German American businessman. He made his fortune operating boom-town restaurants and boarding houses in the region of Seattle and in the Klondike Gold Rush. Maybe Trump a gold bug too ?

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rodney brumley
I am buying quantities of Silver – I agree with Mannarino 100% that Silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet. Just look at the Gold to Silver ratio – should be no more than 15-1 and it continues to be 70-1 – Silver should be at $70 minimum. The prices now are Blue Light Special prices – load up before it’s too late

Paul Wiffen
The manipulation of the gold price in the last month has ‘conveniently’ taken it to a very bearish pattern from an Elliot wave charting perspective – well at least that’s what I’ve seen on numerous charting blogs this week. Next leg down according to those guys is $1,050. I wonder if that’s part of the manipulators plan – drag the price artificially down to where it is now, then let the chart pattern convince traders to go short and take it down even more. Just an idea.

Phonix Shadow
How is it that we can still get silver if there is 129 million oz deficit worldwide? Why dont the miners just form a co-op and price the physical to the highest bidder?They are the sellers, not wallstreet..

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