The Washington Times by way of World Net Daily reports, the IRS is plowing ahead with controversial plans to use its files to try to prod more people to sign up for Obamacare — but the tax agency has promised Congress it won’t break any privacy laws. The letters are set to go out beginning next week, and are aimed at Americans who are paying the tax penalty rather than obtaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The IRS says the 2010 law requires it to inform those individuals they could do better by signing up for the embattled program.

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Don Veeser
The threat won’t last long. By the time the IRS bureaucracy ‘consolidates their feces’ on this Trump will be in. That’ll be well before April 15th. If you don’t have your own health insurance or obamacare don’t file your taxes until after Trump is in. This is another fascist scare tactic by the IRS and unfortunately it will work on a lot of the sheeple. Don’t fall for it folks and do not respond to any correspondence from the IRS relative to this specifically.

Fergus MacDhai
In God’s name! Who ever thought of putting this corrupt lying little weasel from the IRS, in charge of obamacare? Trump needs to get rid of that POS when we get rid of obama. That little POS IRS commissioner still looks to me, like the Grinch that stole Christmas. One evil little POS!

The insurance companies are nearing bankrupsy due to the higher costs that have been forced onto them. Thats why United Heatlh Care has dropped out of network with ObamaNoCare. Obama said it himself before being elected president. Quote” To Obtain Single payer govt run healthcare we have to bankrupt the insurance companies, it will just take some time to accomplish” Unquote

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