Final Solution of the 4th Reich & Schutzstaffel Police (Video)

Final Solution of the 4th Reich & Schutzstaffel Police Video

I recap the entire current Shilluminati Schutzstaffel climate and focus on a couple of must-see videos for you or your friends/family who are still asleep. The entire system is rigged, not just the US election process and candidates. Wake up, Cleo. The transagenda matrix has you and both pills (pillars) are bad.

Did you ever read any of those books about alternate histories where the stories are about things like, “what if the Nazis had won the war?” Well, guess what.

The truth is not so different from comedy that wears the same mask as tragedy. The political persona is being unmasked.

If you still think Trump will change things I’ll bet you voted for Obama. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Video Source – Barhug Rufhowzer

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