What’s Next for Gold: Interview w/ Keith Neumeyer (Video)

What’s Next for Gold: Interview w/ Keith Neumeyer Video

We have back on air one of today’s leading mining CEO’s and innovators in the resource sector. Keith Neumeyer has started 3 billion dollar companies and is very active in building more as we speak. In this interview we dig into updates for First Mining Finance, a company he founded last year and who’s stock price has already doubled this year. This is a must listen for anyone investing or looking to invest in resources.

00:40 First Mining Finance Quick Recap
01:40 Gold/Silver Price Action Normal for Bull Market
03:10 Zinc, Copper; Are Base Metals Joining PM Bull?
04:30 Silver Supply Deficit Years Long Now
05:30 First Mining Finance Expecations for 2017
08:00 FF’s Deals Unlocking value for shareholders
09:45 Is Trump Presidency Good for Gold & Silver?
11:00 Get more from Keith & his Companies:

http://FirstMiningFinance.com – TSXV: FF, OTC: FFMGF


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