Trump’s USA: Global Empire or Fortress America? (Video)

Trump’s USA: Global Empire or Fortress America? Video

Globalism is fantastic… when it’s not abused. For people to be able to travel everywhere, and enjoy and explore other countries with ease, trade, technological advancement sharing, and progression towards future projects, makes Globalism a must for human kind. But it must be done right, and under democratic human values.

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Also, Trump isn’t nearly as great as Kennedy was. Kennedy knew so much about corruption and knew how to stop it. Trump is more clueless, but his rhetoric only mirrors that of someone who wants to end elitist corruption. He won’t get taken out, because he’s not actually a threat.

Arizona Patriot
Great video I would also like to add that I support the international arrest warrant for George Soros . He has medaled in American politics long enough I’d like to see him hanged from the neck until dead.

Anthony Allen
Better than ANYTHING we will see on cable news tonight!!

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