Spellcasters – Exposing the NWO with Josh Reeves (Video)

Spellcasters – Exposing the NWO with Josh Reeves Video

Mack Bolan
20 years. I was up @ 5am. Watched TV news while I got ready. I worked commercial construction. It was dark when I left home. It was dark when I got home. Watched more TV in bed by 11pm. repeat. 20 years. I watched TV News morning and night. I thought I was well informed. One day I didn’t make it home. I have had a lot of time on my hands since then. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was a card carrying member of the Useful Idiots Club. Now I am trying hard to leave that Club. 20 years ago I was young and strong. Now I am old and broken…
My advice? LOL, OK ummm Don’t do what I did.

Video Source – RichieFromBoston
hat tip/Brother John F

Barney Fife
I hear a lot of people say they are Christian, but rarely do I find anyone who knows every word of the KJV Bible nor have studied it to learn the real truth for within its pages lies the truth. Why go to man for the truth when there is no truth in man? There are NO Annunaki and Sitchin was a Freemason so all of what he wrote only has some truth in it. I appreciate that people want to find the truth, but they are looking in the wrong place.

steel beel
My Great Grandfather was a 33rd degree mason in Rockwall,TX. His ring was left to my Dad 18 years ago, after the death of my grampa. He had no idea what it was. He wore it everywhere, till one day in an Indian casino, a strange guy down the bar kept “tapping his ring while staring at him, in some kind of weird morse code”. The strangers ring was just like his, he more or less told him” he shouldn’t wear it if he ain’t it.” My Dad destroyed it, had it melted down. Dad died the same year he shared this story with me, which was last year. (RIP, DAD) (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RFB) As above, So below.

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