Distraction – Megyn Kelly Supports Romney! He Is The Anti Trump! (Video)

Distraction – Megyn Kelly Supports Romney! He Is The Anti Trump! Video

When I heard that Trump was considering Romney as SOS I was stunned. Romney went all out to derail Trumps campaign. He personally attacked Trump many times. When you hear that Megyn Kelly thinks it’s a great idea you know it is the devils doing! No one could forgive the type of attack Romney unleashed on Trump, including former minister Mike Huckabee. Even an apology could never come close to thinking that this guy is now on Trump’s team. I have no idea why Trump would entertain Romney for a position this important, but it is not immediately obvious. There has been a ton of pushback from Trump supporters, including, Huckabee, Gingrich, and his campaign Manager. Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! If Trump brings him on board, something is not right!

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Trump is pure calculating genius, after all the negative things Romney said about Trump, he’s now putting Romney on the spot by offering him a Sec State position. It’s like making him put his money where his mouth is and if he accepts the position , then it’s like he’s full of it and he’s a double talker, but if he don’t Trump will still look good because even though all that was said bad about him he still offered an olive branch to his adversaries. Either way Trump comes out a winner. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Sunny Olsen
I can’t believe I once liked Romney as a descent guy and better than Obama, but that was before I was on any social media and before he attacked Trump senselessly. I can’t stand hearing him now. I hope he fades from the scene and goes off to enjoy his retirement. I can’t see ever trusting him again.

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