Trojan Horse (Video)

Trojan Horse Video

sj sharksfan
I think Jesse just used canada as an example, many of the mayors Jesse mentioned are from other countries, he means go back to their country, and if there is oe that is originally from canada, then yep, they should move back to their country and govern their states/counties etc and have the sactuary citues in canada or where ever they are from..

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Gladys Fuentes
We must continue to pray for protection for the Trump Team continuously, because just like Reagan’s life was attempted, so will Trump be in same danger…based on what you state, they will not give up…so please folks DO NOT STOP PRAYING for protection, for stability, for calm, for unity, and for many to turn from their ways and ask for forgiveness. We pray love and appreciation for all.

vanessa kazunas
what ever happen to Ellis Island? that’s how both sides of my family came to America. if you had a disease or criminal record you were sent back or where ever but you weren’t getting into the country. why the hell did we do away with Ellis Island? oh discrimination perhaps? it wasn’t broke and if it worked 100 yrs ago. wtf. Let the states go broke.Then maybe the locals we vote for better mayors?

R Jenkins
Everyone prepare to be disappointed by design… TPTB are doing everything in their powers to cause”we the people” to go slap off. It has to look right in the history books to them for future generations. The want to be able to call us homegrown terrorists when all is said and done.. I love BP, however he still believes in the system that’s in place, and thinks it still functions “for the people.” I wish he was right, but through many sleepless night of research…I gear and know he’s wrong..I’m so sorry BP. I mean that in the most respectful and sincerest way possible.

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