Russia: USA supports chemical weapons! (Video)

Russia: USA supports chemical weapons! Video

The West’s fake wars in the Middle East are nothing new, but it is not well known that during the Clinton presidential campaign, a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist by the name of Seymour Hersch released a terrifying article – “Whose Sarin?” While it was largely swept under the rug by mainstream media, the findings confirm that Hillary Clinton not only knew of the rebels’ posession of chemical weapons in Libya, but that she authorised their use, in her capacity as Secretary of State. Later, the same kind of weapons would be blamed on Assad in Syria, in order to topple his government.

Based on Mr Lavrov’s press conference in recent days, it is evident that US funded chemical weapons use in Syria continue to this day.

The MSM are PR companies for the US govt – the 4th estate, which is supposed to actually check and balance potential government abuse of power, is dead…

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Omega 10
Inessa S It’s really bad in the UK because we have a “tv licence” which is essentially a tax used to fun the BBC that we have to pay or face charges. It amuses me when RT is criticised for being supported by the state yet nothing is ever said about the BBC who is suportrd by the state through extorting UK citizens. HYPOCRISY!

Joss Fitzsimons
From the moment Obama announced that the use of chemical weapons in Syria was a red line issue, I knew the US was going to use them and pin the blame on Assad. They play dirty….Trump needs good bodyguards.

Kurgle Kreutzer
Why not broadcast this all over the world? Oh I forget, the media is owned by the elite who dance around an owl statue in the woods and burn effigies of children to get rid of their “bad karma”! I guess that takes care of all the lies!

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