MH17 Ukraine Plane Crash: Analysis, Details and Exclusive Photographic Evidence

MH17 Ukraine Plane Crash: Analysis, Details and Exclusive Photographic Evidence

The following article by South Front reveals additional details about the MH17 shot down in Ukraine in 2014. The South Front Team decided to translate it into English so that both south Front and Global Research readers acquire a more complete picture of events that took place on the ground directly after the incident. Photos below have never been pulished online until now.The text was recorded by Aleksandr Netyosov. He’s a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

 Our thanks to South Front and Alexandr Netyosov.

The events from more than two years ago, concerning the MH17 Boeing 77 that crashed on the territory of former Ukraine (currently the Donetsk People’s Republic) are now part of history. An investigation team from the Netherlands working on this case which has promised to publish the results of its investigation in October in the end made general statements in which, contrary to facts, the law enforcement from the “land of tulips” placed the responsibility for this crime on the Donbass militia and Russia. The author of this essay personally learned that the accusation is baseless when he spent a vacation in his home region, in the capital of the coal country, and now the capital of the DPR, the lovely city of Donetsk.

My schoolmates who now occupy high DPR posts and who know about my journalism career, arranged for me to meet interesting people who, by dint of their service at the time, were the first to arrive at the Boeing crash and to carry out an inspection of the crash site which is necessary in such cases. I spent several days with Donetsk law enforcement who fulfilled their duties to the last, in spite of the fact that Ukraine all but abandoned its responsibilities and tried to use a variety of administrative and psychological measures to first delay the investigation and then to stop it altogether. This is a very telling indication of who was the beneficiary of all the noise concerning the “Russian trail” in the MH17 tragedy that unfolded on July 17, 2014 in the skies above the villages of Grabovo and Rassypnoye, in the Shakhtyorsk district of the Donetsk Region of Ukraine.


The internal political situation at the time appeared confused and even odd. The civil war on the Donbass was escalating, the first blood was already spilled, but in Donetsk Ukraine’s law enforcement on the Donbass were still peacefully coexisting with the DPR which was making its baby steps. Until a bolt from the blue, in a very literal sense, which divided the professional lives of fellow servicemen from local law enforcement into a “before” and “after”. Unfortunately, the work of Donetsk investigators who spent two days on the Boeing 777 crash site were not used by anybody. Which means this is the first attempt to bring their words and deeds to the attention of broad range of readers in order to cast light on events that took place more than two years ago.

Please get acquainted: Senior Justice Councillor Aleksandr Vasilyevich Gavrilyako, DPR Prosecutor General Office’s department head, a high-grade professional with 32.5 years of flawless service under his belt, against whom the post-Maidan leaders of “sovereign Ukraine” launched a criminal charges for maintaining his professional integrity in a new political reality. During that time, Colonel of the Police Gavrilyakko was the head of the investigative department of the Makeevka Regional Office of Internal Affairs, and was considered one of the top investigative department heads in the entire Ukraine MVD. Here’s what he said:

– I learned of the Malaysian Boeing crash from TV news. I caught myself thinking that it might be good to inspect the site. When I was about to leave for duty, I got a phone call. It was from Aleksandr Vasilyevich Mostovoy, DPR’s Internal Security Service head, who suggested that I take a group of investigators to conduct a site inspection. I asked him: why was I chosen? To which he responded that I was recommended as the best specialist. So I had to reply that as an active-duty Ukraine MVD officer, I can’t make that decision on my own, I need sanction from higher authorities.

– Upon arriving at work, I received a directive from the director of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Donetsk Region MVD, Major General Pozhidayev, to assemble an investigative team and take it to the crash site. This directive was confirmed by Col. Goncharov, the head of the Investigative Directorate of the Donetsk Region Internal Affairs Directorate, whom I called shortly after receiving the directive to remind him that the site is outside of my official jurisdiction. “The locals will help you”, he encouraged. And I was permitted to assemble a team of whoever I chose, which included two people from each of the five Makeevka regional departments. Which made a total of 10, plus me and two investigators from Makeevka City Internal Affairs Directorate. I asked my higher-ups for expert support and received it.


Our group worked with four experts, including Bogdan Olegovich Maklakov and the head of the Donetsk Regional Medical Forensics Bureau, Dmitriy Anatolyevich Kalashnikov.

On the morning of July 18, we were met by DPR Prosecutor General office representatives with two cars to take us to the site. Although at that time Ukraine prosecutor’s office still function and DPR MVD entities were not yet formed. While in transit, I got a call from Col. Goncharov who wanted to learn where we were? “Where are you?” he asked insistently. I, naturally, told him about the route we were taking, together with DPR colleagues, toward Rassypnoye and Grabovo to the crash site, where Ukraine’s Emercom was already beginning to function. Goncharov then categorically ordered me to return, citing orders he received from Ukraine MVD not to inspect the crash site. Naturally, I refused, since I was in a vehicle that belonged to DPR colleagues. They even made a bit of fun at me, proposing I jump off from a moving vehicle.

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