Hey Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife? (Video)

Hey Wikileaks, Where’s the Real #ProofofLife? Video

The truth is, we don’t live in a world where seeing is believing. If something is digital, it is easily editable, just like if something is connected to the Internet, it is hackable. So… where is Julian Assange? How do we know if anything we are being told is real here? Where is the proof of life, Wikileaks?

Sad to say it, but we really have no idea what’s going on anymore in a world we have a mostly digital relationship with.

Paul Wiffen
We’re talking about a government which perpetrated 9/11 on its own citizens, so how hard is it for them to abduct and dispose of wikileaks staff. You’re spot on about why doesn’t he just appear at his window, for a few seconds, unannounced and wave to people then go back. Doesn’t even need to open the window or step outside.

ASSANGE IS GOOD, HE’S UNDER COVER NOW. Dr. Steve Pieczenik on You tube, our top US undercover intelligence agent keeps us up to date that a secret group of rank & file agents are protecting him and arranging his hero’s welcome here along with a US citizenship/ passport. Yaaay!

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