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What about those Nuclear suit cases that media seemed to try to scare us .They will try to set one of those off in Saudia Arabia ,just to start a war with them .Chances are they will get cought ,but we all know how the other “guys” will come up with a better plan to help make money off of war.HISTORY101 WW2 TO 9/11.

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Iridium-192 does not occur naturally. Instead, scientists must put iridium-191 in a nuclear reactor and bombard it with neutrons. The iridium-191 then takes up an extra neutron to become iridium-192, which is later regulated used for industrial reasons, despite its hazardous nature to humans. It’s atomic number is 77

Crafty MamaDuck
That makes Chicago a more likely target, in all honesty. The Fed Reserve ponzi scheme can’t last much longer. What better way to cover up the fact of a financial collapse at the hands of the Fed than to nuke the records and blame our “enemy” Iran in the process. After all, the Fed Reserve notes are useless anyway. They already have all the gold in their possession, so they can wipe the slate clean and start the scam all over again, plus have us take out Iran for them. Win/win for them. Lose/lose for the US.

Plus, isn’t Rahm Emanuel the mayor of Chicago? And didn’t they catch mossad agents post 9/11 driving a white moving van (like those other israelis in a white moving van that were arrested celebrating and high fiving the plane hitting the WTC? And those in the moving van near the George Washington bridge that tested positive for explosives [some reports say it was loaded with explosives, but the 9/11 commission report doesn’t mention it at all, so I guess all the mainstream news reports and police radio chatter was just inaccurate?] after someone called in to report that men dressed as “sheiks” might be targeting it? Plus, don’t forget that “ISIS” has posted a pic of the Sears tower to social media. Maybe we know now why the Cubs won the World Series. A last hurrah for the city, maybe?

Maybe we should make sure that Lucky Larry hasn’t gotten a 99 year lease on the Sears tower recently …

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