Economist 2017 Deconstruction (Video)

Economist 2017 Deconstruction Video

I speak with Terry Pettie about the 2017 Economist magazine cover and get his interpretation. Thanks for listening and for your comments, questions, and suggestions.

Curtis Fre Channel
Happy Thanksgiving BigDad06! I listened very carefully to this interpretation of the cards presented to us by the Magicians at the economist and I have determined this interpretation to be the VERY BEST! Thank you! Yes, the cards were hand-picked!

Now is the time to either redouble your prepping efforts or make a serious dedication to getting your preps in order. Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, South China Sea and these are the just the ongoing military wars. This is to say nothing of the currency wars and now we have BREXIT and the Euro currency is in question. If the European Union breaks apart, and it looks like it may, the Euro currency (the second most used currency in the world) will vanish.

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"Gold is money, nothing else. Silver is more! Precious metals fall into one of 2 categories, commodity or currency. Silver falls into a 3rd more important category of 'strategic resource'." - Bigdad06