Blackheart AK63D: Santa’s Favorite Underfolder (Video)

Blackheart AK63D: Santa’s Favorite Underfolder Video

Martin Oliver
why do most military gun you tubers dislike the 45 degree gas port so much? they all say the 90 degree is so much better yet 90 percent of the ak platform MOST BRANDS use the 45 degree port. I bought the DDI because rob ski labeled it the new king of the hill for now anyway exept for the 45 degree gas port. DDI just came out with their newest ak variant called the ak47S and it failed miserabley. so what makes the 90 degree so much better or preferred?

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Rick S
You shouldn’t take ANY You Tube Reviewer seriously about any said firearm they’re purportedly reviewing. Why? because what makes them a reviewer per se? And the main reason, is these channels are only reviewing a “Sample of One.” There’s a lot of information out there. For you to conduct your own research. Research that’s a bit more expansive than just a video or two. None, of these channels shoots thousands upon thousands, of rounds through their test guns. Or really conduct any kind of conducive testing. These channels are simple entertainment, which is how the viewer should see it…and nothing more.

A Rogue Chihuahua
The ak’s I have are two Vepr’s one chambered in 5.45×39 and dressed up to look tactical, and another Vepr chambered in 7.62x54r which has been dressed out with a double recoil reduction system and a nice tri rail up front to connect my bipod to. They’re both far too heavy to be considered TNP ready, but I’m not taking them anywhere. These rifles are to defend land, not to steal it.

Chris H
going on my list, and a man hunt to find one of these. cheaper then a century arms and not left with the feeling of settling for something less. thanks for putting some desert time in on this one nutn!

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