America’s Three Trojan Horses

America’s Three Trojan Horses

You remember the story of the Trojan Horse don’t you? The term Trojan Horse implies that the someone is sold or given something on the premise that great benefit will follow. Instead, the Trojan Horse brings catastrophe.

America has many Trojan Horses, courtesy of the globalists. However, the big three Trojan Horses consist of banking, health care and education. For America to survive, all three Trojan Horses need to be torn down and the power over each needs to be returned to the people.  With the passing of Obama and the defeat of Clinton, it is time to close the curtain on the communist experiment in America.

Our Trojan Horses

In America, we have Soviet-style, collectivized banking (i.e. Federal Reserve) an our people have suffered under Soviet-style, collectivized health care with disastrous results.

How bad has it been?

  1. From Daniel Henslin’s 2012, Introduction to Sociology textbook,there is a graph, on page 402, which charts the value of a dollar from 1800-2011 In 1913, the value of a dollar was very similar to the value of a dollar dating back to 1800. However, the value of a dollar in 1913 has fallen to 3 cents of purchasing power in 2016. You may recall that 1913 was the date in which the Federal Reserve, and its greedy globalists led by Mandell House and John Rockefeller, got their hooks into the American money system. The result was that the rich became richer and the dollar is near worthless.  Collectivization under the control of the elite globalists failed miserably when it came to banking. It was a classic case of failed collectivization for the masses but a financial jackpot for the global elite. What was the lesson? Soviet style, collectivization does not work for the masses.
  2. After WW II, doctors made house calls. Many, if not most, Americans did not have employee sponsored health care. As a result, doctors were forced to compete with each other because there was no health care monopoly. This marked the last time that health care was affordable for the average American. In 1972, Richard Nixon held, then, secret meetings with Edgar Kaiser where he was able to convince President Nixon to back the idea of MANAGED health care which was to make health care one of the largest monopolies on the face of the earth. This was a system designed to maximize profits by commanding a permanent source of income (co-pays and premiums) courtesy of the average American and further maximizing profits through denial of service. What has been the result? Americans have the most profitable pharmaceutical and health insurance companies in the world. Americans spend 10 times more than another nation on health care per person. We spend more than the next 8 nations combined. And what do we get for the most expensive health care system in the world? We have the 51st longest life-span in the world (CIA Fact Book, 2013). Communist dictator, Fidel Castro, provided better health care for his people than we have in America. Collectively, the communist Cubans live one full year longer than do the newest communists, the Americans. What is the ultimate lesson? Soviet style, collectivization does not work for the masses.

The Third Trojan Horse

Donald Trump has stated that he would like to abolish the Department of Education. I could not agree more. American education has gone through two generations of failed Soviet-style collectivized education with miserable results. Along with banking and health care, education is the third plank of the communist invasion of this country. Communism has worked well, at least for the globalists. According to Robert Reich, the rich have never been richer and poor have never been poorer. The American middle class is quickly sliding into the abyss of history. Soon there will be no middle class. There will be the ruling class and 95% of the population that we could accurately categorize as serfs.

Education promises to close the deal of the globalist destruction of the United States. Banking dominates 100% of the economy and economic activity. Health care represents almost 20% of the entire GDP of the country. Finally, education is the anesthetic which is blinding people to what is happening to their once proud Constitutional Republic.

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