After the Collapse: The End of Time (Video)

After the Collapse: The End of Time Video

What is the role of time in grid down? This is one of the most abstract After the Collapse installments yet, so it may not be for everyone but I hope it at least gets you thinking. I had to omit a lot from this one due to time constraints and not finding an appropriate place for it in the video, like things about record keeping and circadian, infradian and ultraradian rhythyms had to be cut out. The gist of that section was that our natural biological clocks will take over in the absense of the conventional time, and the importance of recording history.

Geordie Prepper
Great video and topic CP. I think the advancement of measuring time and it’s integration and spread throughout society, when I think about it is just another system of control, in fact the system that all other methods of control may be currently based on. I think that it would actually be a good thing if our servitude to time was pretty much largely removed. A more natural cycle would re-emerge, we’d be less stressed, under less control and the rule of natural law would be better observed and we would be closer to nature and direct inwards our efforts to ourselves and our communities rather than serve some faceless corporation that the observation of time as we do it now makes us a slave to. Our time is what fuels a system that DOES NOT have our best interests at heart, if we keep giving them our time their system stands up when it needs to be brought to it’s knees.

NubiaGoddess Life
I agree with most of the comments that time keeps us bound likes slaves and prison of control. In some ways I look forward to not having to punch a time clock and have to be places at certain times. Those more so called fortunate rich people will resort to chaos because they would not have any idea how to live in a world without rules and restrictions and have to sew their own seeds. Those of us that are making an effort in preparation are versatile we punch that clock but if and when the day comes where the clock has stopped we already have a plan for that go back to nature follow the animals they have never used a clock only their natural born instincts.

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