Why People Are Irrational (Video)

Why People Are Irrational Video

Question: “My Father was fond of saying ‘believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.’ Sage advice for sure but why do humans have the tendency to rationalize or even ignore obvious objective reality.”

Malcolm Browning
Because people are not informed- they haven’t all watched alternative media. People tend to follow the herd for obvious reasons. Almost all in the UK are anti Trump, only because they’ve been subject to slanted media reports. Its only just become that Clinton’s misdemeanours have begun to trickle out in the UK, but the UK is anti Trump and reluctant to comment on Clinton’s crimes.

Mattys Modern Life
Problem is, it evolved before “kings” and the state. It evolved when we were tribal bands. Yeah, we had chiefs and tribal leaders but I would say their hold on power was far more open to question than a king of a city. Tribes were a lot less formal in their hierarchy than towns were after agriculture and the religion of hunter gatherers tends to be Shamanism which is more about healing and “spirit walking” and things like that.

Conforming to the myths of the tribe would certainly help your survival as it helps you fit in, but there would be disagreements within the tribe as well.

I’d say it’s far simpler. Admitting you were wrong means admitting the other person’s knowledge is superior, therefore you give up some of your own personal status in doing so. In the hunter gatherer days, giving up status was a bad thing.

As for the “outcast” guy, women are attracted to bad boys. The “outcast” could well overthrow the tribal chief, in which case the woman would be greatly rewarded for their support.

I really think it’s more about personal position between individuals rather than conforming to the leadership. Although it’s likely got a bit of both in there.

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