November 2016: Gold Raid Ongoing- Mainstream Media in Full McCarthyism Style Witch Hunt (Video)

November 2016: Gold Raid Ongoing- Mainstream Media in Full McCarthyism Style Witch Hunt Video

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Jason start off the video by discussing the recent correction in gold since October.

Jason also discusses how retail numbers at bricks and mortar stores will be poor for Black Friday and for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Online shopping/eCommerce plus the lack of high paying full time jobs for the US consumer to have discretionary income.

Red Shift
+WallStForMainSt, What you said about that former CIA agent saying that the CIA literally writes the news articles and hands them to journalists to turn in. That is EXACTLY what a german journalist said. He said the CIA writes certain news articles for german news as well. The CIA controls the news, not just here in America, but across the world, at least in countries that are our bitch. Germany is totally our bitch. Japan is our bitch as well, the CIA probably writes Japanese news articles as well. We need to abolish the CIA or America will never improve.

P.S. I’m glad you mentioned pizzagate and David Seaman. I love David Seaman. He has done a lot of videos exposing pizzagate. It is genuine journalism that it is imperative that everyone see!

I’m actually liking the gold/silver prices going down. The fundamentals are still strong and the rebound will only be sharper. If you back solid companies like Sandstorm Gold they will only come out stronger. The low prices should hopefully rebuild their business once again as finance starts drying up.

lynd scott
“belong in a mental institution.” Join the club, Jason. when i told my own son about the bankrupt bank system & the gang of criminals that was running the country he said that i needed a psychological evaluation !! i’ve had friends raise their hands in the stop motion & tell me that they don’t want to hear anything negative !!

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