Dehydration Will Kill Thousands In A Disaster – Recognize The Symptoms To Avoid It! (Video)

Dehydration Will Kill Thousands In A Disaster – Recognize The Symptoms To Avoid It! Video

Dehydration Kills During A Disaster.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of dehydration and finding water immediate following an emergency will save your life or the lives of your group members.

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Great video. Always monitor your own urinary output. If it isn’t clear and frequent you aren’t consuming enough. Always pre hydrate before activity – preferably days before. I am a fan of training oneself to consume water constantly before during and after activity. If you notice someone in your group is fatigued and showing symptoms of dehydration affecting performance you cannot effectively maintain your physical effort and force rehydration orally in my experience. Oral rehydration of such an individual will take hours when they are at rest and require monitoring of output. A liter of IV fluids will work faster if such resource is available. As distasteful as it sounds proctoclysis using a hydration bladder is an option in extremis. Thanks for sharing !

Yoda Dunbar
All great advice, people in general will always expect the taps to work or Gov’t will bring it to them, temp is in the high 30’s here in WA (Australia) even in very cold conditions, we need water
We take regular doses of Vit B which will discolour urine
Son got me a 72o ltr Water tank for my b/day, will be getting another, so much runs off the roof and onto the soil, which is good for ground water, but water is a “must”, do a pinch test, stretch out the fingers, pinch the flesh on top and the flesh should retract quickly, if it remains pinched, you are dehydrated, remembering old age and elasticity will also do this, some researchers have stated, dementia etc can be helped with proper amounts of water, not cool drink, tea or coffee, but good old water

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