The Worst Black Friday Fights – CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (2016)

The Worst Black Friday Fights – CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (2016)

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Shea Maddy
if you guys think this is bad then you are not ready for what’s coming in the future, the tribulation period will make this look like a picnic at the park.

Shea Maddy
it has nothing to with race, just like Falcon fx said, food shortages, water, shelter and heat, those are the most valuable things we have, someday it’ll be used to control the masses. you should study the bible and learn about what’s coming, famine, pestilence, disease, death on scale never before imagined possible. ppl think how up-to-date their phones, tablets or computers are is something “important”. important is food water heat and ammo. most are clueless and helpless but it’s not to late get ready.

Gin J
I don’t believe these people are shopping for anyone but themselves. Besides Christ Mass is a man made holiday to make people spend on things they don’t need, for people they want to impress, that probably will not like what they get, cause division, hate and hurt feelings for those that can’t give back. Same old story every year. May America bless God for a change, and be content with what we have already been blessed with, go feed the poor and cloth the homeless.

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