What Is It That Will Really Help You Survive TEOTWAWKI?

What Is It That Will Really Help You Survive TEOTWAWKI? by Peter Martin

Many articles, TV shows, movies, and personal discussions concerning how to survive TEOTWAWKI usually revolve around food, water, medical supplies, transportation, fuel, and how to defend yourself during such a time. What I am about to communicate is perhaps too religious for some and maybe not religious enough for others, but here it goes anyway, my best shot.

Yes, it is important to try and be prepared materially as best you possibly can be, depending upon what your means allow you to do. Some can be more prepared than others, because they have more means to do so, and others are fortunate enough to have formed groups that are either loosely based or even formally based, which gives the group a very good means to provide the necessities for survival during a TEOTWAWKI scenario. That is all well and good.

The question really is though, just what is it that will really get you through what may be a truly terrifying and/or horrific event? Food, water, medical supplies, fuel, transportation, and defensive means may address some of the things being faced, but what about the psychological and spiritual aspects being faced? Despair, depression, hopelessness, and low morale can all be a greater enemy than loss of infrastructure (electricity, fuel, transportation, food, and societal breakdown in general), roving gangs, UN troops, natural disasters, et cetera. The reason that despair, depression, hopelessness, and low morale can be a greater enemy is because it cannot be fought in the same way that the external forces can be fought and dealt with. You cannot see it, and it is hard to tell when it is starting to overcome you so much so that you can be defeated before you even realize that these psychological/spiritual issues are attacking you.

The psychological and spiritual issues can be, and may very well be, the most difficult enemy you will fight during a TEOTWAWKI event. The only way I know to combat these enemies is to strengthen your faith and relationship with God. Regardless of what denomination or non-denomination you identify with, regardless of whether you associate with a church or not, it is going to be very difficult to survive without a strong faith and relationship with God. God will get you through more difficult, terrifying, and horrific times than anything else will. Will those who are agnostic or atheist survive a TEOTWAWKI event? Some of them may very well survive, if for no other reason than a will to survive or by chance. You may say that those are the same two things that will get us all through such an event, although my own personal thoughts and beliefs are that surviving any overwhelming event requires a strong faith and relationship with God. Chance is just that, a possibility that something may happen to get you through bad times, and a strength of will may get you through as well unless you are facing something unimaginable. Only God can get you through the unexpected and unimaginable.

Too many of the scenarios depicting a TEOTWAWKI event in books, articles, TV shows, and movies tend to leave God out of the scenario, showing that humans left to their own devices can resolve anything. I do not know that history reflects humans without God resolving much of anything; rather, it has been a matter of creating more problems than we solved.

The United States has not directly experienced foreign invasion since 1812 or any war of significance in our land since the War Between the States (1861-1865). We therefore have only experienced natural disasters in regards to earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Yes, we were involved in World War I and World War II, but they were not directly fought within our borders, and what was experienced was on a much smaller and localized scale than was experienced in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and the Asian regions of the world. We do not have the collective memory of those who lived in these regions of the world regarding the devastation those wars brought and their experience of how to survive and live through such events.

It will, therefore, be necessary for us as a people in order to survive such devastation to have a strong faith and relationship with God. We’ll need a relationship just as those who founded this country had when they first came to this land with not much more than a strong faith and belief that God would help them find their way and enable them to survive and build a new life in the New World.

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