Vote Recount Announced in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania (Video)

Vote Recount Announced in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Video

Recount 2016 – Three states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may undergo a recount after Jill Stein raised the necessary 2.5 million dollars to pay for it after some computer scientists raised questions about what they claim may be possible hacking of electronic voting machines in order to steal the election for Donald Trump

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Cavaliers Owned Larriors
If Liberals somehow were to succeed in stealing this election they will see protests like they have never seen before and it wont just be whiny cucks it will be real American men and women going after the government. Not innocent civilians like liberal cry babies do.

James Hudnall
Michigan was recounted already and Trump still won

Steve Johnson
Soo will they hide it when they find out all Hillarys extra votes are voter fraud and Illegals?

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