#UnfollowFriday to End #FakeNews Epidemic (Video)

#UnfollowFriday to End #FakeNews Epidemic

On the Fly Editz
I have never been on Twitter. I have left facebook over one year ago. My most recent unfollow or unsubscribe was HighImpactFlix on YouTube. I constantly update my sources of information by leaning toward a consideration that the source has an agenda that does not present balanced information. You can’t avoid bias, but you can avoid skewed information. CorbettReport is most respectable in my book.

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Chef De Party
i would never have found Corbet Report if i wasnt on Facebook. I’ve introduced loads of other people to your videos via Facebook too. FB has been an invaluable tool to find alternative news sources and citizen investigators. Here in Scotland Social Media were a key feature in driving our push for independence, sharing news about rallies and meetings and smashing Unionist media myths. Its important to know what our peers are thinking and its our duty to smash mainstream narratives when they’re based on false information

Thomas Ashraf
thank you for exposing Obama and his attacking native american indians in Dakota.

I think the shadow govt elites have some kind of hold over all the politicians, so they must do what they say

Either through bribes, blackmail, or physical threats to them or their loved ones…

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James Corbett

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