Truly Make America Great Again On Thanksgiving (Video)

Truly Make America Great Again On Thanksgiving Video

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes off on a thanksgiving rant. As many Americans are divided with Donald trump as president and the prospects of “Making America Great Again” Luke tires to put things in persepective and give some words of adivce for everyone having a divisise thanksgiving and black friday.

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Bruno Batista
“You create your life through your own thought processes
by how you think. Everything you think, you will feel, and all that
you feel manifests to create the conditions of your life.
How is your future created? Through thought. All of your
tomorrows are designed by your thoughts this very day, for every
thought you entertain – every fantasy you have, for whatever
emotional purpose – creates a feeling within your body which is
recorded within your soul. That feeling then sets a precedent for
the conditions in your life, for it will draw to you circumstances
that will create and match the same feeling that has been recorded
in your soul. And know that every word you utter is creating your
days to come, for words are only sounds that express the feelings
within your soul that have been given birth through thought.”


And to make the world great again we need to start by defunding the elites. Money is the key. It’s through the monetary/economic system that they’re enslaving humanity for ages. Kryon told us how to stop them:

“Many of your hard-earned tax funds are finding their
way to the dark army! And there are those within your government who
know it. I’ll give you an answer as to what to do about it in just a few
words: International transparent forensic accounting. International transparent forensic accounting! It is time to clean up the funding of the dark, and kill their ability to make war.”

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