John Williams & Chris Waltzek (Podcast)

John Williams & Chris Waltzek Podcast


  • Respected rogue economist, John Williams of says the Great Recession of 2008-2009 is still underway, contrary to the mainline media. 
  • Although the official national unemployment rate is steady at under 5%, the true unemployment rate is at least 4 times as high at 23%. 
  • The slight of hand requires an epic cover-up on a grand scale.
  • John Williams outlines how the PTB accomplished the feat and the economic implications. 
  • Discouraged workers are no longer counted due to changes in the unemployment calculations making the economy in worse shape than reported. 
  • When the true inflation rate is used to deflate GDP numbers, the US has been in an unofficial recession for 16 consecutive years. 
  • Free trade has positive theoretical economic benefits, but deleterious ramifications for many high quality domestic jobs. 
  • Ultimately the economic fallout will impact the Greenback, which will collapse sending the yellow metal to at least $10,000 and perhaps many fold higher.
  • Case in point, in Venezuela recent reports show that a silver coin suddenly buys $250 worth of groceries.

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