Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned…RIGHT?! (Video)

Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned…RIGHT?! Video

Big breath, y’all! Some antibiotics are being removed for OTC purchase, namely those for LIVESTOCK or FOOD-PRODUCING animals. Read the source docs for yourself:
Fact Sheet: FDA
Read:  Federal Register

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Let me give you a brief sampling of just a few factors that go into antibiotic choice: Patient’s allergies, current bacteria location, current bacterial presentation, history of kidney or liver issues, current kidney or liver issues, family sensitivities, food sensitivities, weight of the patient, alcohol consumption, photo-sensitivity of patient, patient’s history of digestive disorders, patient’s ability to tolerate drug class, pregnancy status of patient, age of patient. Without trying to sound like an elitist, there are serious factors to consider. It is for this reason that there exists the volume of literature related to antibiotic selection and dosage. This is the tip of the iceberg. There are general guidelines like those in Where There Is No Doctor, but I try and stress to folks the SERIOUSNESS of using medications they aren’t intimately familiar with. The drug guides are your friend, and they can save your ass from a deathly mistake.

Anthony Browning
This is a ridiculous change. Twice in the last 15 years I have bought liquid bovine penicillin to treat my dogs with a bad infection when I couldn’t afford $100+ vet bill. I made rational assumptions and treated them successfully each time. So sick of government idiots creating regulations to justify their own existence. Antibiotics, at least basic antibiotics, should not require a prescription to purchase, IMHO.

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things
Isn’t it odd that you must have a prescription to buy potentially life-saving antibiotics for human use, but no prescription is needed to buy alcohol, tobacco, marijuana (in those states where it is legal for recreational use), or for the huffers out there, spray paint, gasoline, model airplane glue, non-stick baking spray, compressed gas electronics dusters, whipped cream in a can, and – well, you get the picture. So, you can buy all kinds of substances without a script if you want to get high, but if you have an infection and want to get well, you have to go see a doc (cha-ching!) and get a script, and then go to a pharmacy and buy it (cha-ching). Something about that doesn’t make sense. It isn’t that way everywhere. In some countries, no script is needed for a host of medications that we have to say “Doctor, may I” for in this part of the world.

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