Donald Trump Cabinet Controversy | True News

Donald Trump Cabinet Controversy | True News

Mere weeks after winning the Presidential election and becoming President-Elect of the United States, Donald Trump is under criticism regarding his announced and rumored cabinet picks. Includes: Reince Prebus, Steve Bannon, James Flynn, Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Mitt Romney and much much more!

Epistemological Treaty
Trump has clearly showed he is a conman and a fool.

Anyone with a bit of knowledge and common sense can clearly see what is happening here. I challenge you and Mike. You both shilled for Trump all throughout the election even when there were and are plenty of clear indications of who he truly is.

Put me on the show. Debate like you purport to want to do. Show your audience that this isn’t just an echochamber. I have attempted to come on before through email, but you all never respond, so I will ask here since the other method has proved ineffective.

AKS Retail
@Epistemological Treaty “Trump has clearly showed he is a conman and a fool.” Would you mine mentioning a few pieces of evidence, or perhaps provide a few links where I can check it out? Saying that he is a fool I think is a bit of a stretch, he is one of the riches people in the world and the most successful politician in history. And I doubt a conman could be so successful, because he would have been stopped by the law a long time ago, conman usually try to stay under the radar. If he is then he must be very good which would indicate that he is no fool. Just a few thoughts.

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