Butt-Hurt Losers Demand Recount! (Video)

Butt-Hurt Losers Demand Recount! (Video)

TDC Note – Federal level, felony hate crimes committed in the name of Hillary Clinton and she, along with Obama, the current occupant of the White House, have been 100% silent about the violence, destruction of property and threats to the President-Elect. Had these federal felony hate crimes been committed against the LGBT community, ILLEGAL immigrants or women there would be an outcry twice as loud as the current federal felony hate crimes being committed.

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Bobby Catfish
Has Hilary even said anything of her voter rioting in all the major cities like retards and everything that happend? Or she just stayed quiet? Cause honestly, it’s really retarded how they are acting, I just moved to the states (Legally) before the elections and I saw the riots even the one in the cities I reside and it’s fucking retarded , I my self was never a Trump supporter (I’m a Bernie) and never even cried about Hilary loss (I never even liked the idea of her being President, she’s the worse of Trump except she does thing while Trump is all talk first.

hussein obama said the following in previous occasions:

-“Of course the elections will not be rigged,” Obama said. “What does that mean?”

-“One way of weakening America and making it less great is if you start betraying those basic traditions that have held it together for well over two centuries,”

-“The notion that somehow if Mr. Trump loses Florida it’s those people you have to watch out for? That is both irresponsible, and by the way, doesn’t really show the leadership and toughness you’d want to see in a president,”
-“stop whining”

So is it possible to rigg or not? you can’t have it both ways stop whining already

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