Trump’s Growing Popularity Is Leading to Civil War


Wall Street is fracturing. That is, they are breaking away from the NWO, and charting their own course for prosperity. Why, because Trump’s presence is already making them money.

Soon, Wall Street will outwardly sing the praises of Donald Trump. The story is in the video below. However, you would be wise to read the finale listed below the video. The people’s short-term victory could very well mark the beginning of a civil war. The video is rosy and optimistic. However, what follows is not.



Although this sounds rosy, The Common Sense Show is uncovering evidence that clearly shows that the Obama administration is conspiring with criminal foreign entities, corrupt politicians, et al, to overthrow regions of the United States. Their methods include extreme violence. Over the next few days, I will be revealing the details of this insidious plot in which Obama is a co-conspirator.

This is the globalist reaction to the rising tide of populism that is gathering surprising allies and threaten to set globalism back decades. I have said it before and I will say it again. Trump is leading a revolution and we are about o see a counter-revolution that has the potential to permanently destroy the United States. As expected, George Soros is financing this revolution along with foreign crime families.

Stay tuned to this channel because you can expect the first insider news releases before the end of the day.

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