A Revolution against the Financial and Political Elite is Brewing around the World

A Revolution against the Financial and Political Elite is Brewing around the World

Several months ago, the voters of the United Kingdom chose to escape from the clutches of the European Union.

They called it “Brexit,” and it sent shockwaves throughout the global financial world.
The entire establishment– banks, businesses, media, politicians, celebrities– had been pushing the British people to remain in the European Union. And, so, panic ensued in financial markets when the Brexit results were announced.

It was widely believed that a Trump win in the US would have had a similar result on financial markets. The general consensus heading into Election Day 2016 was that a Trump victory would spell doom for equities and as his odds of winning increased, the Dow nose-dived 800 points and gold rallied by around $50 an ounce.

But, it is now evident that most of those forecasts were completely wrong and were nothing more than alarmist reactions as we witness a collapse in precious metals prices and a surging stock market.

After Donald Trump’s recent victory in the United States’ election, and Brexit in the United Kingdom, attention is now turning to the possibility of other unexpected results just over the horizon.

In Europe, Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Front is riding high in the polls and could surprise everyone in the presidential election being held next April in France. With approval ratings for France’s Socialist president Francois Hollande, at historic lows, it is unlikely that the socialists will have much of a chance in the next years’ elections.

On the weekend, French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy was knocked out the contest for a centre-right presidential candidate and signalled his withdrawal from politics.  Francois Fillon, a moderate, finished first in Sunday’s first round, while Alain Juppe, who like Mr Fillon is an ex-prime minister, finished second.

They will face each other in a run-off on Sunday, and the winner will compete in next year’s presidential election.

Meanwhile in the US and after a decisive win, protesters continue to hit the streets in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and New York.

Protesters are upset about Trump’s policies on health care, the environment, global illegal immigration and other issues. Many of these protestors and are against the deportation of illegal immigrants. Frankly, nothing that they claim makes much sense to me and besides they have already had a chance to vote.

At the beginning of the presidential election, Trump had to deal with the criticisms and insults thrown at him by the other 16 candidates. Right from the onset, it was apparent that the US main-stream media was against him. They were all biased and pro-Clinton. Networks such as CNN spewed out some of the worst garbage propaganda I have ever seen in any election. As far as I am concerned every presenter should be prosecuted for dishing out false propaganda against Trump, in particular Fareed Zakaria and Anderson Cooper who said some of the most disparaging things about Trump, Russia and Putin… all of which were not substantiated and not true. CNN chief, Jeff Zucker should also be prosecuted for being part of this network of liars.

As the networks promoted their twisted version of events – probably to push up their ratings – the build up to the election became a new version of the Jerry Springer show. Insults and accusations were thrown at each other. Then, some Republicans pretending to be so pious and virtuous turned their back on Trump on the release of some stupid video that him talking dirty about some woman. Then, there were those false allegations of sexual assault. I cringed with embarrassment when one woman alleged that she was groped some thirty-five years ago by Trump. And, there was and another woman who appeared together with her attorney who put in a wonderful acting performance as she accused Trump of kissing her. It was a commanding performance to say the least. I hope Trump sues all these women, their attorneys and the networks for deformation of character.

As the mudslinging continued Clinton even tried to blame Russia for intervening in the US elections and accused Trump of being complicit in the conspiracy. And, as her grand finale, Clinton brought some mindless pop-stars onto the stage to endorse her campaign. And, despite this, Trump persevered and finally won. And, I congratulate him for his unbelievable tenacity in the face of continual adversity. A wonderful inspirational story to be recorded in the history books.

Yet, despite his overwhelming victory, the very people who have been espousing the virtues of their style of democracy all around the world are unable to accept Trumps win…what hypocrites!

Spurred on by the Brexit vote in the UK and Mr Trump’s win in the US, movements like Geert Wilders’ Party For Freedom in the Netherlands, Frauke Petry’s Alternative for Germany and Ms Le Pen’s National Front in France are all hoping to become the next surprise winner.

Over the last several decades, the wave of socialism that has pervaded European politics has only benefited the financial and political elite who have taken over from the individual entrepreneur in deal making but, without having to incur any financial risk. They use their governments’ funding to conclude deals and if they don’t work out, who cares, they lose nothing and if they work out there is a huge pay off in bribes. So, the system has become corrupt and rotten. The people partaking in this rotten system are the establishment. They are the leading financial and political leaders who work hand-in-hand with some of the largest corporations in the world. These people fly around the world like a new breed of celebrities wining and dining in 5 star establishments while not having a financial worry and always purporting to be concerned about the rights and living standards of their individual citizens.

But, amazingly their trickery and deception has not fooled the majority of people who are sick and tired of this deceptive charade. I think people in the USA have gotten to this point. They are tired of the toxicity of the Clintons and the Bushes. They are tired of the financial and political elite. They are fed up with the never ending wars of the United States and the propaganda they have been fed by main-stream media. And, unless there is a dramatic change in the US foreign policy, there will be no end in sight for these secular civil wars in the stinking deserts of the Middle East.

I believe that the citizens of the US want to see change. They desperately want to see a change in their standard of living. They have not benefited from the artificially propped up markets and the new highs on the DOW means nothing to them. But, the low interest rate environment means that their savings have been wiped out. These people are the majority of people in the USA as well as in many other countries.  And, they have had enough. They are tired of seeing their standard of living decline as well as a decline in law and order and decent morals. In some perverse system of law, perpetrators of crimes tend to have more rights than their victims.

People around the world are sick and tired of corrupt lying politicians, thieving bankers and a system of government that only favours the political and financial elites.  Change is on its way.

Hopefully, part of this change will be the re-introduction of sound money for fiat currencies are the cause of unpayable debt, the destruction of productive enterprise, and the constant wars.

This change is long overdue.

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